It was a cold night of December, when most of everyone retired to their quarters. Misty lake wasn’t an exception to this, as most of the fairies have returned to their quarters.

On one snowy night such as this, the usually-cheerful ice fairy gave off a somber silence, as she looked down on the ground, trying not to look at her best friend. A yuki onna, one who appears only on snowy nights.

The fairy did her best to hide her tears, which was obvious to the adult. She gave a light pat on the child’s head, as she whispered her words.

"Cirno. Believe in yourself. Believe in the swag. Remember… Yolo."

Fading away in the last winter, Cirno gave one last nod to her departed friend.

It was decided. She will be the swagiest yolo fairy in Gensokyo.